Do you use cyanoacrylate and want to dispense it regularly and accurately, with a rational use?

Cyanoacrylate is a mono component adhesive used for quick bonding of materials since it cures rapidly upon exposure to moisture in the air. It is usually applied manually from the supplying container, though for usual industrial applications, the manual system does not allow to control the dispensed amount of material, thus entailing a lack of repeatability and the trend to use the product in excess.

The solution for such applications is ROLLMATIC DG. It is a dispensing system based on the positive displacement technology to accurately and regularly apply small volumes of low-viscous mono component fluids such as adhesives, oils, solvents and especially cyanoacrylates. Material is sucked directly from the supply container; no compressed air is required, neither the transfer of the product from its original container, thus avoiding its degradation or contamination.

The system has a digital control with all dispensing parameters (adjustment values, rotor speed, dispensing time, etc.), as well as a shot counter with an alarm at the end of the established dispensing cycles. Additionally, the peristaltic pump priming is simple and with easy maintenance.

Dispensing fluids with Rollmatic DG instead of its direct application from the supply container, along with the possible reverse movement of the product to avoid dripping, protect the product from a direct contact with the air, and therefore from the effect of moisture. It also allows optimizing its consumption and control the deposition of the doses, thus improving the quality of manufactured products.

Dispensing can be performed automatically with doses of a fixed volume or continuously, and the device can be configured as a standalone unit for manual applications, or can be also integrated in an automated device as part of a production line.

It is a suitable system for applications involving dispensing in manufacturing of components, electric and electronic assemblies, mechanic components, packaging caps, cosmetic caps, lightings and halogen lamps, among others.