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Appropriate for the treatment of small parts as an autonomous unit, with movements usually of 250 (X) x 200 (Y) x 70 (Z) mm. Based on the application, movements could reach to 400 (X) x 400 (Y) x 150 (Z) mm, and a 4th rotary axis (R) could be included.


Compact, self-contained unit with intuitive touch screen display for simple metering and dispensing applications in atmospheric conditions such as dot or line dispensing, and filling or potting processes.

Designed for processing a wide range of different dispensing materials, including abrasive and highly filled media; ideal for applying thermally conductive pastes.

3-axis system, with maximum movement ranges: 500 (X) x 500 (Y) x 300 (Z) mm.


Solution developed as an answer to integration and automation requirements for metering and dispensing systems in production lines. All-in-one processing technology comprising a dispensing unit, a control unit and a multi-axis system for immediate integration into new or existing production lines as easy as plug-and-play. The multi-axis system supports different configurations that allow flexible positioning of the parts as well as the dispenser.

Two different models are available based on the application and cycle time requirements:

  • Basic: for low to medium batch sizes; speed max. 160 mm/s.
  • Premium: for medium to large batch sizes; speed max. 500 mm/s.


Compact end-to-end unit designed to handle all metering and dispensing tasks for small and medium-sized batch production in applications such as dot and bead dispensing, potting, filling and sealing of electronic housings with 1D, 2D or 3D contours, coiled products, sensors, PCBs, etc.

The dispensing material is supplied from cartridges or by means of external material preparation units. It is an alternative to the DesktopCell when complex parts or the possibility of process monitoring are required.


Multi-functional production and dispensing cell assembled from several modules that can be adapted to different requirements, and configured as standalone unit or integrated into complete production lines.

A wide range of dimensions, production processes, part handling options and material flow or machine control units are available, which allow a completely customizable set-up of a system tailored to specific needs. All modules perfectly match, so that they can be easily replaced for one another or used in combination.


Cell with a 6-axis anthropomorphic robot appropriate for applications with complex dispensing geometries and high positioning requirements. The robot provides greater flexibility and multifunctional operations during application.


Many electronic components have a wide range of functionalities and must fulfil stringent reliability requirements. They are also becoming ever more complex in their shapes and textures and, as a result, the dispensing material applied in atmospheric conditions may form gaps around edges or in corners of the work piece.

With advances in component miniaturisation, these issues become even more important. Therefore, to achieve the desired quality and meet the rigorous requirements, it is necessary to carry out the entire dispensing process under vacuum, and precisely control the position of the work piece while it is processed.

Vacuum dispensing systems are especially suited for:
a) Processing self-levelling casting resins such as polyurethanes, epoxies, silicones, oils, etc.
b) Potting or filling work pieces which require excellent insulation and high-voltage resistivity.
c) Filling and impregnating of electronic components such as ignition coils, transformers, motors, sensors and other coiled products.


Vacuum dispensing system developed to guarantee high quality, homogeneous and bubble-free filling processes for lower production volumes.

Two different models are available:

  • LeanVDS B(asic), with inner volume of 300 x 300 x 300 mm without axis.
  •  LeanVDS U(niversal), with inner volume of 420 x 420 x 360 mm, with usually 3 –axis system.


Vacuum dispensing system developed to guarantee high quality, homogeneous and bubble-free filling processes for medium to high production volumes, and with components of different sizes and complex geometries.

Three different models are available, with a minimum inner volume of 155 dm3:

  • VDS B(asic), for large parts that do not need motion axis.
  • VDS U(niversal), for flexible production volumes and equipped with 3 motion axis.
  • VDS P(ower), for large production volumes and equipped with 3 motion axis and a multi-piston metering system.