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Plasma Pre-treatment

Materials compatibility and substrate conditions where fluid dispensing is required are not always taken into account, though they can lead to quality problems on the final product by poor adhesion due to a low surface energy or the presence of contaminants.

In such cases, atmospheric plasma technology is used as a pre-treatment for cleaning, activation and surface coatings, thus increasing the surface energy and providing optimal conditions to ensure good adhesion between the substrate and the dispensing material.

This technology can be used in almost all types of materials (plastics, metals, glass, cardboard, textiles and composites) and can be easily integrated in continuous production lines.


System for surface cleaning and activation with a power range of 500W up to 2.000W. Suitable for treatments in highly sensitive substrates.

The system has a compact and modular design that offers excellent flexibility and fulfils the high requirements of industrial operations.

Common applications for plasma pre-treatment:

  • Glue or gasket and sealing in electronic or automotive components (displays, housings, headlights, PCBs,…)
  • Painting
  • Screen printing
  • Removal of pollutants