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We offer support and technical assistance via online connection or on-site to respond to any need for maintenance, training and instruction, repair of incidents and/or modifications and extensions of the equipment.

  • Technical service
  • Equipment start up
  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance
  • Training


The appropriate dispensing system for a given application, along with the process variables such us pressure, speed, curing time, etc., are determined by the material performance according to its technical characteristics (viscosity, density, pot life, content of fillers, abrasiveness) and its sensitiveness to moisture, light, etc.

We have different means at our facilities to verify the performance of materials and determine the right operation variables, and we also offer the possibility of a test day either in our facilities or in the facilities of our partners, where prototypes or small pre series of parts can be performed.

The aim is to answer questions such as:

  • The dispensing material performs as expected?
  • What alternative dispensing systems can be considered?
  • What cycle times can be achieved?
  • Is it possible to improve the current dispensing solution?
  • Is it necessary to use vacuum dispensing?
  • What cleaning and/or maintenance actions are expected?


Along with the supply of fluid dispensing equipment, we also provide support in the design and optimization of all related processes. We wish to be not just an equipment supplier, but to become a coworker to provide an efficient, accurate and repetitive industrial solution according to the requirements of each of our customers.

Therefore, beyond the dispensing equipment, we offer:

  • Analysis of materials and support in identifying the most appropriate application for the selected components.
  • Suitable design.
  • Support in the organization and management of production processes.
  • Development and implementation of the equipment for individual workstations or for its integration into production lines.


For particular or casual dispensing tasks that require the production of small batches, we offer the subcontracting solution directly in our facilities or in the facilities of our partners depending on the required system.

We perform processes of encapsulation, sealing, bonding … using the most appropriate dispensing system, and integrate, if necessary, plasma pre-treatment, pre-heating, UV curing, or heat curing.